A Comprehensive Media Buying Plan Template: 2022

Media planning is the series of decisions to be taken when delivering the promotional message to the prospects. It is the process of delivering the advertising message to the relevant audience using appropriate channels at the right time and place. This has a very analytical approach towards media planning for taking the media decisions. 


Media planning requires three levels of strategy development- Marketing Strategy, Advertising Strategy, and Media Strategy. According to the marketing strategy, both the advertising and media strategies are formulated. The media strategy has several interrelated components like selecting the target audience, specifying media objectives, selecting media, and buying media. However, media planning is a very complex task and requires a lot of knowledge about the market. This article would be your comprehensive media buying plan template and take you through the entire process. 

Why Should You Have a Proper Media Buying Plan?

The marketing space has become increasingly competitive. It is necessary for marketers to serve the customers the right message, at the right time, and on the right platform to see engagement and conversions. Media planning is how marketers find out the right message, time, and platform. In such a marketing space, it is necessary for marketers to leverage various kinds of media, and a data-driven media plan would give the marketers centralized information across the different platforms. This assists in optimizing the campaign and messaging, and streamlining the process of campaign review.

The Benefits of Media Planning

Media planning is essential in making the advertisers select the most appropriate media and media mix and make decisions about the time and space in the media to make sure that the resources are used in a reasonable way. This is instrumental in controlling the problem of wasteful advertising. If there is no media planning, the advertiser might select an irrelevant media or issue the advertisement at the wrong time, resulting in the ads not reaching their target audience. Media planning is vital to avoid problems like that.

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Advertising bears huge costs, and with media planning, the resources can be made use of properly. With media planning, the combination of time and media, makes sure that the advertising message is communicated to the largest possible audience for the lowest costs. It is possible that without media planning, the advertiser selects costly media.

Media planning is an essential part of the overall advertising strategy and it helps achieve the marketing and advertising objectives of the organization. It involves taking all the crucial decisions like selecting media, scheduling it, and more. These decisions help the advertisers meet their marketing objectives and promote the brand.

One significant benefit of media planning is that it involves comparisons based on cost per reader, cost per viewer, media image, media coverage, media rating, and more. When selecting the media, the advertiser is then specific that this would match with the features of the target audience.

Some standard performances are always fixed in the media plan. These plans are regarding the target audience and help manage the effectiveness of the media and ensure actual coverage. If the coverage is not up to the standard, then it is indicative of low efficiency. This helps managers rethink the media plan and helps taking control of the media.

This essentially helps to understand the target audience and decide the media and platforms. They help keep up with the latest trends and stick to the budget.

How to Begin your Media Buying Planning Process?

It is important to remember that as you work on the media buying planning process, each step will have its results, which would be different based on your goals, needs, and audience.

  1. The first thing to do when making a media plan is to research the market. This will help you create content and a media plan aligned with your audience. Start with understanding the buyer persona and your target audience. This will help you know who the media would go to and the platforms that would be appropriate.
  2. While developing a media plan, keep a goal in mind. This will help you navigate through the process. This will make sure that your posts are relevant and will help boost engagement.
  3. Find out the media buying template you want to use. There are several options available,  and these are particularly helpful in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness while working on the media content.
  4. Implement your media plan and make sure that all parties know what the essentials of the plan are. This will help in executing it accordingly.
  5. Always evaluate the plan and measure the success of the plan. The way in which you evaluate it must be directly related to the goals and objectives with respect to media and content. 
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A List of Media Buying Plan Template: 2021 Edition

When you are building a media plan, it is essential to consider the following:

  1. Who the ads need to reach to and who the target audience is
  2. What the marketing budget is
  3. Conversion goal
  4. Frequency of message
  5. Reach of message
  6. Parameters of success

Media Planning Template Checklist

One of the best things about using a media planning template is to customize it and perfect it for your business and goals. You can use a single or several media planning templates according to your needs. These make sure that you are both effective and efficient when you work on the aspects of your media. It helps to keep your media content organized during the publishing and sharing process. These are some templates that you can use-

  1. A media planning template helps organize your paid media efforts and expenses in one place.
  2. The social media strategy template helps align your content with the audience to bring value to your business.
  3. The social media calendar template puts together a calendar for you for when you share your posts in a manner that is simple and organized.
  4. The editorial calendar template helps in planning and optimizing your content that you will post and publish.
  5. The ebook design template will provide you with data to make sure that the ebook is professional and appealing in real-time. 
  6. The analytics and reporting template will make it easy to organize and share data irrespective of the metrics you track.
  7. The budget template will help review and manage your spending
  8. The advertising template will help you plan and manage your advertising campaigns to make sure that you convert the audience.

Given that media buying is a challenging subject and requires knowledge of the market, target customers, and different media, this article on the media buying plan template is key to all the questions. The data used in media planning is constantly changing like cost per reader, cost per viewer, media rating, and more, and it is challenging to keep up with information like that. You might face many difficulties in selecting the suitable media, the media mix, media scheduling, and more. It is recommended that you do a lot of research before you go ahead with this. 

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