10 Best White Label DSPs for Advertisers and Ad Networks: 2022

Digital marketers worldwide have a basic understanding of the tools needed to improve campaigns by driving engagement and increasing conversion. Over time we have learned to do this within a budget and update online methods to get a higher reach with a minimum amount.


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From publishing content to promoting it via email marketing, SEO, website optimization, social media influencer marketing, and many more devices, the conventional marketing manager has tried them all. Most of the methods mentioned are effective but time-consuming and repetitive, like their execution. In recent years automating these services with ease has gained prime importance so that the marketing team can focus more on planning and optimizing their campaign performance.

A Demand-Side platform, or simply put, a DSP, is a service that integrates machine learning to support all essential features of your ad execution under one umbrella. With advanced technology, an extensive support system, and a vast access to ad exchange and Supply-side platform (SSP), it chooses impressions that are important for your campaign. Most of the available DSPs provide cost-effective services, qualitative traffic, access to optimizing your campaigns, transparency of audience, and supply you with adequate data, analytics, and performance resulting in seconds due to its real-time technology.

However, marketers who want more control over their ad traffic and better customizable options, all within a less budget, can go for White-Label DSP.

What is White-Label DSP?

A White-label DSP is a step above creating a DSP from scratch. It’s an overall solution that is entirely customizable, and caters to your advertising needs—an appropriate forum for media buyers and advertisers in the website, app, and other platforms. By eliminating the middlemen like ad agencies, ad networks, or other TVs, you can use it on your own by taking advantage of its ready-to-use technology. You don’t have to invest millions or depend on third-party providers because through White-Label DSPs, and you have the freedom to buy traffic worldwide.

Benefits of White Label DSP Platforms

White Label DSPs are Cost-effective: The best performing ads are backed up with advanced technological developments. You can save millions by going for ready-made machine learning technology to build your ad campaign. Some other required features you can save up on are commissions, service fees, and bids; since you can have more control placing them. Using a White-Label DSP can reduce media buying costs by 5% to 30%

Consolidate and merge your media buying exercises under one platform: Using several platforms, you end up bidding against your campaigns and, therefore, lose out on valuable numbers of reach. By unifying your advertising activities, you can avoid this and connect as many SSPs as you want to enjoy the benefits of a vast network of diverse traffic worldwide.

100% transparency and Owned by You: Since you are the owner of your DSP, you have the ability to set up, keep track and optimize any number of variables you want. By choosing White-Label DSP, you have the chance to utilize all the benefits of a DSP and revamp it according to your own needs. Gin more transparency over the media buying process, avoid third-party providers, can and stay up to date on your campaigns.

Real-time Analytics:Stay in the loop, get regular reports, data and optimize your ad from anywhere. Through real-time analytic, you can change your ad metrics on the go and remain on top of your competition.

10 Best White Label DSPs Solutions for Advertisers and Ad Networks:

With the rise in the need to run, manage to advertise all under one platform, and take full ownership of the process, many White-Label DSP providers have cropped up in recent years. Each of these is unparalleled in its software capabilities to help you run your ad campaigns as smoothly as possible: Here are ten options for you to choose from:

1. Beeswax | Best Bidder-as-a-Service DSP for Advertisers

Master of optimization, Beeswax has currently leveled upon their technology by launching ‘Bid Models,’ an optimization tool that brings complex bidding algorithms entirely in-house. Divided into secure cells, this DSP provides an entire ecosystem that enables you to run your programmatic strategy and execution. Depending on the unique needs of your business, you can customize BaaS or Bidding-as-a-service platform as a single-tenant architecture. Beeswax features equip you with: custom optimization, extensible APIs, access to programmatic ecosystem, and standard DSP capabilities.

2. AdKernel | Best White-Label DSP Suite for Advertisers

One of the best services in White-label solutions is that it hosts multiple product suites with a fully functional DSP infrastructure for large publishers, agencies, and in-house media buying teams. Serving the needs of the online advertising environment, it provides in-depth support to the client while helping them “manage their trade desk activities across the spectrum of programmatic and direct placements.” Last year, AdKernel had recently partnered with AdSecure to run a more guarded and effective digital marketing ecosystem, enhancing their ad serving goals.

Through elevating the use of “intelligent bidding algorithms based on real-time processing of incoming data, AdKernel’s AI and Machine Learning models power currently:

· Multi-dimensional Request and Response optimization

· Near real-time topic/keyword processing for website URLs

· Advanced bidding optimization for CPM, CPC, and CPA goals.”

3. SmartyAds | Top White-Label DSP for Advertisers and Ad Networks

Offering absolute control and flexibility in supporting all business models in the programmatic advertising marketplace, SmartyAds gives publishers the full benefits of its patented technology. Fully customizable, it has various tool options for optimization to deliver only the best to your online users. With the freedom to create your branded environment, you can add your corporate plan to the pre-designed skeleton template and start with your ads!

4. Epom | All-in-One Demand Side Platform

Epsom has all the benefits of a White-label DSP. What’s more is they provide a top to bottom alteration for your DSP, from self-serve accounts for your partners to the unique brand identity of your DSP. Their bidding autopilot technology is exciting and automates performance optimization with a system of several bidding rules. With this feature, you don’t have to fuss over manual ad campaign management and daily optimization. In 2019, with the release of 3.6, Epsom added some updated features for ease of use like Video storage and ad formats for programmatic advertising. Other features include Creative library, Handy interface with simplifying campaign set-up, Smarter targeting conversion, Analytics, Advanced Reporting, Private marketplace, and direct deals.

5. Targetoo | Self-Serve White Label DSP for Advertisers

The name itself gives away the line of focus, which invariably is the critical factor in running successful campaigns across multiple online platforms. A programmatic advertising solution for agencies, brands, and resellers, this provider has a more targeting variable for reaching the right audience demographic in the right location at the most browsed online channel. The most effective results in Programmatic Display advertising can be achieved through specific targeting settings; hence the more variables a Demand -Side Platform can provide, the better chances of accomplishing positive campaign results. Targeto has worked for corporate giants like Google, Disney, Amazon, Lexus, Omnicom Group, and many more, which is conclusive proof of their achievements.

6. Bidsopt: Best White Label DSP for Agencies

Are you focusing on mobile ad campaigns for the increase in ad reach? Try Bidsopt! It is a simple white-label solution with certain vital features through which the client can increase end-user productivity without sacrificing brand value.

– It has a built-in All-in-one RTB model, made possible through a meticulous connection of demand and supply calculated in various methods such as open RTB, XML, Js/Html tag, API, Direct Link.

– An uncomplicated interface facilitated self-serving to direct publishers and to connect them to manage and arbitraged demand sources.

– Every white-label partner is given access to the Bidsopt Marketplace supply, which is connected with 30+ SSPs and 100s of Direct Publishers

– 24/7 op support to both big and small clients irrespective of their budget or spend.

7. Eskimi | Affordable White-Label DSP for Advertisers

Eskimi DSP is a proprietary technology platform that allows independent brands and agencies to run programmatic advertising campaigns using display, native, video, or rich media formats. Powered by machine learning algorithms, optimization is possible to achieve marketing goals. It recently introduced a White-Label edition that covers all the significant aspects of an on-stop solution for media buyers. From choosing your brand colors to adding a brand logo, domain name, and monitoring analytics and profits, it offers all the benefits of any White-label DSP platform. Other additional assets enforced by Eskimi, which seem promising for a beginner in the Market are: 40+ ad exchanges, data-DMP, hyperlocal ads, rich media ads, Google API integration, brand safety, anti-fraud, Facebook API integration, online billing, reporting, SSP, video ads, traffic discovery, planning tools, PMP, native ads, unique telecom data, device targeting, conversion tracking, media optimization blacklists, machine learning optimization, ad ops managed service, publisher list and much more.

In conclusion, White-Label DSP is advanced machinery that enables advertisers to bring digital marketing programmatic platforms in-house. You are provided with a complete supporting environment that is equipped with progressive technology and easy-to-use features. Whether working in the public or private sector, advertisers eventually prefer to run their own business and have complete control over their expenditure and conversion. The above list of White-Label DSPs is some of the most lucrative and user-friendly solutions to help you with the technical know-how to implement productivity and facilitate your business.

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