Clickguard Review: Best Click Fraud Protection Software Tool 2020

Click fraud is basically the practice of setting up bots that would click on the ads repeatedly so that a large part of your resources are wasted and there are no real conversions. To protect your ads from such a practice, you should use the click fraud prevention and protection software that are available in the market. One of the best is ClickGUARD.

Known to effectively safeguard and maximize your Google Ads ROI, ClickGUARD tries to keep you focused on the quality and success of your business and does away with abusive, disruptive, fraudulent and wasteful clicks. In this article, we would discuss ClickGUARD at length and point out why you should use it.

What does it do?

  • Detects threat- They efficiently monitor, detect and identify possible threats to your ads.
  • Eliminates waste- On identification, they get rid of wasteful ad clicks completely.
  • Boost growth- Then they focus on the relevant and quality clicks that would possibly convert and help grow.


  • Monitoring– They would provide you with all the information on your ad clicks in real time, with a couple of clicks.
  • Transparency- Who, where, why and what is behind each of the clicks on your ads is provided, i.e. a complete forensic insight on your ad clicks.
  • Protection– They effectively prevent click fraud and prevent you from any kind of money wasting clicks on your campaigns.
  • Deterrence– They deter and mitigate fraudulent or wasteful clicks sources that would negatively impact your Google Ad campaigns.
  • Optimization- They optimize campaigns based on post-click visitor behaviour and eliminate low-quality traffic sources.
  • Reporting- They provide powerful and actionable insights via reports that allows complete auditing and accountability for each click on your account.


  • Stops and eliminates wasteful and fraud clicks from your Google Ads.
  • Boosts conversions and shows your ads to people who have high possibilities of conversion.
  • Get better leads and target leads that would most likely convert with real time optimization.
  • With smart optimization rules, improve profitability and maximize campaign ROI.


They offer three different pricing plans and the agency and custom/enterprise plans are available with custom quotes and have free trials.

ActiveGUARD is the basic and essential plan that you need to get started with automated click fraud protection and would cost you $59 every month.

PremiumGUARD comes with multiple layers of granular control and triggers for advanced threats and would cost you $79 every month.

EliteGUARD has advanced triggers and can offer full all-round protection at $99 every month.


ClickGUARD has some very exclusive features to offer and does not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket and protects your ads rather spectacularly. It is a pretty great choice.