PPC Protect Review: Best Click Fraud Prevention Software Tool 2021

The Internet is seen as such a blessing but the anonymity that it provides helps people cower behind it and be faceless and make attempts at ruining some things. Click frauds are basically the practice of continuously and repeatedly clicking on advertisements with the sole purpose of draining the resources and is one of the major concerns for the advertisers across the globe. People spend significant amounts of money on bots who would simply click on your ads and waste your advertising budget and in some cases as high as 20%. Click fraud continues to better its sophisticated approach and an industry-wide concern. It makes it necessary for advertisers to have a strong click fraud prevention software to curb this growing threat. In this article, we would throw light on one such software- PPC Protect, that has been the recipient of awards for being Google ads click fraud prevention software.

An entirely automated solution, PPC is driven by advanced machine learning and neural network analysis. They use their robust machine learning algorithms to take care of the entire click fraud detection process. They interpolate more than 100 different pieces of data and perform real-time heuristic analysis to understand the risk factor well. The IP is blocked if the risk factor is too high. The system self learns in order to improve accuracy and as more data is fed, it refines itself.

PPC Protect Review: Product Features and Overview

PPC stands out because of the exclusive set of features that it provides and that makes it one of the best and the most reliable click fraud prevention software in the market-

Advanced Fraud Analytics: provides you with detailed information on the PPC traffic quality, fraudulent placements & advanced fraud analytics with a dashboard that is easy to use.
360 Google Ads Monitoring: helps in protection of your ads across the Google Ads suite entirely and with native support for all main campaign types and integrations with all leading software providers.
AI Learning & Neural Networks: The system becomes smarter as it processes more data and their AI system guarantees that it detects fraud faster than any human ever can.
99.997% Uptime SLA: all PPC Protect users get access to their global CDN offering an industry leading 99.997% uptime SLA.
Superior Reporting Features: gives stunning reports for clients or marketing managers with their white label and brandable PDF reporting suite, or with their custom reporting service.
Stop Click Fraud: PPC Protect is one of the best click fraud prevention tools available and hence, stops Competitors, bots, scrapers and click farms from harming your camping performance without impacting your genuine customers.
Automatic IP Blocking: works automatically in the background to block the fraudulent IPs or IP ranges that click on your ads and support IPv4 & IPv6 and additionally have the click fraud industries most advanced automated IP blocking technology.
Filter Bad Traffic: blocks the non human internet traffic and the clicks that come from your competition in real time and reclaims your ad spend.
Block Fraudsters Instantly & Automatically: automatically determines the occurrence of click frauds and blocks that IP from ever seeing your ads. It is both effective and saves money too.
Multiple Users: allows an unlimited number of users per account with every PPC Protect plan, so you can have your entire team using it.
Integrate With all Google Ads Solutions & Platforms: integrates with your existing platforms and continues to monitor all paid search traffic while keeping the data from your existing data platform the way it is.

PPC Protect Review: Pricing Plans

They offer a general plan which is typically for advertisers and marketers with limited ad budgets usually upto 10k USD ad spends. Their annual plan starts at Euro 40 per month while the monthly plan is Euro 60.

  • The plans offer unlimited clicks, domains, IP block, dedicated account manager.
  • Their experts will provide one free ad optimization session.
  • You do not necessarily have to commit and pay on a monthly basis and the annual package is necessarily for the ones with an ongoing budget for their campaigns.
  • If you stop running ads and have subscription time left, you can connect with them and ask for credit for any time that you aren’t running ads.
  • They provide great deals for advertisers and marketers who target tier 2 and tier 3 audiences and CPC rates are not very high and other services which charge on a cost per click basis might go higher.

PPC Protect Review: What Customers Say

You can also know the opinion their customers have on the kind of service that they provide-

Matt Tomkin, Founder at Tao Digital says, “The software is easy to use, it helps our clients protect themselves from ad fraud and is generally a great tool for us to offer out to our clients as an add-on service.”

Markus Hüttner, a Google Ads Expert says, “We compared all of the twenty-something click fraud companies out there and PPC Protect easily took the first place. The results and savings on our budget is currently 20% and is increasing every month!”

This pretty much would provide a fair idea of the kind of software PPC is. If it seems good enough for your venture, you should definitely sign up and protect it from fraudulent clicks and such. We hope this review on PPC protect was helpful.