8 PPC Campaign Optimization Tips and Techniques: 2022

PPC Ads- Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click is used to drive traffic to websites. Commonly associated with first-tier search engines, PPC ads is essentially the model of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked on. So basically, you are not organically earning your visits but paying for them. It has become one of the most used ad formats by advertisers and if your ads and landing pages are relevant and appease the users, you are charged less per click which results in an increase in profits.


Key Elements to Optimize PPC Ads in 2021

The best way to optimize your PPC campaign is to ensure that you have a good click through rate and people are engaging with your ads. Make sure that the keywords you bid on have close relations with what you offer because relevance will lead to effective cost per click and maximum profits. Include keywords that are most popular and frequently searched in accordance with your niche but also add long tail keywords that are more specific, less common, less competitive and hence, less expensive. Constantly refine and expand your campaigns and create a solid base with your keyword list constantly growing and adapting.

In this article, we will go through ways and techniques that you can employ in the strife to maximize the click through rates of your ads and you assure better engagement of the users with your campaign.

PPC Campaign Optimization Tips and Techniques: 2021 Edition

For advertisers who are creating their PPC campaigns, it is essential to know the importance of certain settings and how they could better your returns on investment.

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1. Optimize Headline for PPC Campaigns:

One must have the minimum of 3-5 title variations for each of the campaigns that they create and incase you have a loose budget with more to spend, make more title variations and observe them to find out which of those perform the best.

The following are the best mannerisms in which you should create titles for you PPC ads-

  1. Make use of simple language, and assure that what you are trying to convey is explicit, so much so, that the user could comprehend it at one sight
  2. Attempt at using an attractive phrase or such that catches attention and compels a user to click on the ad
  3. Try making use of Action Catch Phrases wherever it seems possible like- check out, take a look and more
  4. Keep the titles short and crisp.

2. Optimize Your Campaign Thumbnails

It is known that pictures and such have major effect on the CTR of any given ad. Just like recommended for titles, you should use a minimum of 5 images that bear relevance with objective, title and text of the campaign. Alteration of images seems to have a positive impact on the CTR of the ad and thus making use of about 4-5 relevant images is considered to be a good native advertising practice. You can always mix and alter titles and images to avoid having too many iterations.

The following are the best mannerisms by which you should add images in your PPC ad campaigns-

  1. No one would prefer a dull image, so add vibrant, colourful, bright images.
  2. Make sure the image has contextual relevance to the title and the following landing page.
  3. The image should be such that it drives the attention of the user toward the ad and effectively leads them to click on it.
  4. Make sure that the content of the image is not cluttered.

3. Focus on Placements, Targeting, and Devices to Optimize Campaign Reach and performance

One of the most significant approaches to look for is the targeting of devices- be it desktop, mobile or such. It is known the the CPC of desktop beats the CPC of mobiles and that the device targeting is dependent solely and completely on the kind of campaign you have. In accordance with that, you could target particular carrier, data type and more.

  1. Setup the target location you think fits and block the ones you think you do not want to include.
  2. Specify operating systems and connect type
  3. Block the low performing Publisher Ids if and when you have the confidence and sufficient data to do the same

4. PPC Campaign Optimization via Audience Targeting

You are certainly offered audience type that ranges from general to affinity categories. In accordance with the earlier interaction with ads and third-party data, you can filter on the basis of interests and have a more granular targeting option. They also provide enough audience subset for you to create and explain your ‘look-a-like’ audience which will effectively filter the audience that performs the best for your ads. Marketplace audience, campaign clickers and more are some of the other available options.

The following are the best mannerisms in which you can set your audience type for your PPC ad campaign

  1. Some options like marketplace audience or network audience lead to lower CPCs, so start with those.
  2. Once you have a decent audience, start with a look-a-like audience
  3. Make sure that targeting is done effectively

5. Increase Your Campaign CTR to Lower your CPC

One of the most important factors is the click-through rate. You know that your ad is performing well if the click to impression ratio is high. Once you are sure of that, you can simply lessen the CPC of the ad and get clicks at lower prices, which is great because the quality score of your ad is quite high. To drive a similar number of clicks, other ads will need a higher impression than yours, which explains why the Click-through rate is of umpteenth importance.

6. Landing Page Optimization for PPC Campaigns

It is of prime importance for you to better and modify your landing page to increase conversions and site speed. The end goal is to assure that the user has good experience with the landing page and that there is interaction between the two, and the same is what every advertising platform takes into consideration if and when adding temporary CPC for ads.

The following are the best mannerisms in which you can optimize your landing page for your CPC campaign-

  1. It is essential to ensure that the speed limit stands within the permitted limits for desktop and mobile
  2. Make sure that all the page elements are checked and rechecked for the slightest of the possibility of an overlap
  3. Make sure that the crucial assets are loaded quickly
  4. Make sure that the desired actions are taken on the landing page

7. Google Analytics Tracking for PPC Campaign Optimization:

Discrepancies between Google Analytics data and the data provided by the native ad platform are one of the most common events when creating campaigns, primarily because they both track clicks and conversion distinctly and the incongruity is inescapable. The best you can do on your part is to minimize the disparity. Analytics will provide data that shows the worst-performing instances of your campaigns and with the use of those, you can prevent or remove the creatives that are obstacles to improvement.

Essentially, you should set goals in GA and religiously check your CPC campaign reports to see which Publisher sites fulfil those. When you modify your campaign, filter the sites that have higher success rates for your set goals and make use of the same Publisher ids in future.

8. Campaign Budget and Bidding Optimization for PPC Campaigns

Another very important setting, campaign budget and bidding demands in-depth and detailed knowledge and understanding of the logic in which CPCs are optimized. For starters, go with network average CPCs and optimize those to result in higher CTRs. This would lead to lower CPC as you can get more clicks at the same amount that is spent on the regular.

We are hopeful that the given campaign optimization tips and techniques would help set up your campaigns and result in better revenues. Paid traffic can work well for a lot of digital businesses like Amazon arbitrage, retail arbitrage, eBay arbitrage, traffic arbitrage, and other online arbitrage businesses.

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