9 Native Advertising Tips for Advertisers: 2021

Native continues to be one of the top media buying formats for a number of advertisers and brands around the globe. This has led to an increasing number of ad tech companies in the native space, some of which are native dsp, ssps while others act both as a dsp and an ssp. These ads do work for a number of businesses and the results are better than traditional display ads and this has surged the demand for native ads in the US and globally. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best native advertising tips that advertisers and marketers like you should follow to get the best return on advertising spends and also ensure effective campaign performances (especially those who run online retail and e-commerce businesses). Before we get started with these tips, let us quickly discuss how to find the right ad network or exchange for native media buying.

How to Choose the Right Native Ad Network/ Exchange or DSP for Media Buying?

It is not always easy to choose the right native ad network or exchange without actually testing them. However, this checklist can help you in choosing the right native ad platform for media buying

Ensure the native ad platform from where you’re buying media shares the URLs of the publisher sites. This gives you an idea of where your ads are landing and can help you filter them manually based on performance parameters and other factors which may be in correlation.

Make sure that campaign targeting features are granular enough to give you enough idea of the audience and segmentation. This ensures you can target the appropriate audience for your campaigns to deliver a good return on investment.

Focus on the campaign objectives offered by the native ad platform. Campaign objectives are directly correlated to your campaign ROI and the optimization algorithm will show your ads to those people who are most likely to fulfil the campaign objective.

It is important you’re talking to real people within the company and they are quite transparent. Make sure the support provided by the network is robust and there is already some reputation of the company.

9 Native Advertising Tips for Advertisers in 2021

Here are some of the best native advertising tips for advertisers and marketers to get you started with native media buying.

Native Advertising Tip #1: Buy from Native DSPs

There are a number of DSPs like Stackadapt, Voluum, Tripelift, Nativo, and others that offer media buying capabilities across a number of native ad networks and exchanges. You’ll have granular controls across your campaigns and through one platform you should be able to buy traffic from a number of networks like Taboola, Outbrain, and others. This will result in campaign effectiveness across multiple native channels and not just across one platform resulting in a higher return on advertising spends.

Native Advertising Tip #2: Use a Click Fraud Detection Tool

All advertisers and marketers should have at least one click fraud detection tool in place to detect, monitor, and filter out bot and low performing traffic. It can effectively increase your overall return on investment by anywhere around 20-30%.

Native Advertising Tip #3: Keep Updating Your Creatives

If you’re looking to scale your campaign and the duration of the campaign is spread across several months, then I would suggest you having at least a dozen of creatives or thumbnails up and running, and some of which can periodically be replaced with additional high performing thumbnails.

Native Advertising Tip #4: Keep your Block List Updated

One of the best things that you can do to improve the effectiveness of your campaign is to keep blocking site IDs which are not converting for your traffic on a daily basis. This will essentially divert your traffic on the best performing sites and you’ll eventually see improved and a more stable performance across your campaigns.

Native Advertising Tip #5: Target Devices Separately

A lot of advertisers target desktop, smartphone, and mobile devices together in their campaigns. This can essentially become confusing since the ROI driven across devices tends to vary and segregating them would be difficult. This in turn will affect your campaign optimization and will result in poor decision making while you’re looking at your data to further optimize your ads.

Native Advertising Tip #6: Setup Conversion Metrics

One of the most crucial steps during campaign setting is to ensure you’ve the right conversion goals set for your campaigns. It can be website traffic, time on site, lead generation, app install, purchase, download or any custom event-based action. Setting up the right conversion parameter can define the effectiveness of your campaign. Also, you’ll be optimizing your campaign based on the conversions which are tracked, and the ROI will be assigned to these conversions. So, it is of prime importance that you set up the conversion parameter correctly and implement the tracking pixel on your landing pages to ensure a smooth tracking.

Native Advertising Tip #7: Focus on Campaign Optimization

Campaign settings are extremely crucial and should be carefully analyzed since your performance, CTR, CPCs will highly depend on what type of audience you’re choosing. Choose the geo, audience interests, placements, devices, audience type, etc, carefully to ensure that you’ve a good mix of audience which is not very narrow and also not too broad. This would ensure your CPC bids are in the average threshold and also match the audience interest with that you’re your campaign’s niche.

Native Advertising Tip #8: Use a Spy Tool

I would always suggest you use a native spy tool to analyze the best performing creatives, landing pages, traffic sources and duplicate them for a much faster result. In this way, you’ll minimize the overall guess work for your campaigns and can be assured to be on a success track from day one. Otherwise, it might take you quite a few days to achieve the required results and also cost you hundred and thousands of dollars before reaching break-even or profits.

Native Advertising Tip #9: Monitor Best Performing Creatives

Having the best optimized creatives can significantly lower the CPC of your ad campaigns and thus you should focus on optimizing your creatives to achieve a click through rate which is almost double or triple of the network average. This will give you the ability to gradually lower your CPC without compromising on the number of viewable impressions and thus enable a higher return on advertisement.

Hope these native adversting tips have been insightful and would help you in making smarter decisions while trafficking your own campaigns. If you’ve more ideas to share feel free to get in touch with me. Meanwhile, I’d suggest you to continue reading some of the insightful posts on this site and keep exploring it.